The Twelve Layers of Ourobearos

May the jocks be ever in your favor.

Dear Triscuits,

It is really fucking annoying when I’m trying to make out with a guy, and you’re stuck in my teeth. At first I’m like: “shit, I have shredded wheat in my teeth, does he notice?” And then half an hour later I’m like “WTF, either he’s totally into the shredded wheat stuck in my molars, or he doesn’t even notice, or maybe my game is just so strong he doesn’t care.”

Either way, thanks for a totally existential sexual experience.


How to properly Love someone:

1. Buy them pizza

2. Touch their butt


Chocolate Chip Birthday Cake





I was having a mopey morning so I baked Adipose shortbread. Day has instantly improved.

You can get yourself an Adipose cookie cutter and other geeky bake ware from this etsy store.

hat tip to youareasonginmyheart for sending in this post!

Of course I ordered these. 

I bet they’re low fat. The irony.


When world collide.

RYAN !!!!1!!|ONE!!! (P, not H)


When world collide.

RYAN !!!!1!!|ONE!!! (P, not H)